A candid portrait of a senior male farmer sitting in a tractor.
At Rowe Excavation, we value the contribution of our agricultural partners. By offering a variety of services and products designed to maximize the hard work of Southwest Montana’s farmers and ranchers, we can help you increase productivity, troubleshoot problem areas, protect your valuable resources and streamline your operation.

Products and Services

  • Diversion structures- including head gates, pin and plank, fish ladders, rock weirs, and the use of natural stones to divert water
  • Measuring Devices- installation of cutthroat and partial flumes
  • Stockwater- Installation of supply lines, valves and water troughs
  • Ditch Cleaning
  • Spring Development- enhancement of natural springs
  • Culvert Installation- sizing and installing
  • Irrigation Pipeline Installation
  • Riding Arenas
  • Cattle Guard Installation 
  • Road Grading and Graveling
  • Ranch Cleanup
  • Corral and Feedlot Cleaning

Head Gates

Pin and Plank

Livestock Corrals

Fish Ladders

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