Pond & Stream


Rowe Excavation specializes in the design and the creation of freshwater ponds. Our goal is to match your vision with the existing landscape to create your custom pond.

Clients feel confident in our years of experience, highly trained crew and proven, yet innovative techniques. By working in collaboration with our team of engineering experts, consulting professionals and skilled hydrologists, we are able to maximize your property’s potential.

Custom Pond Services Include:

  • Design Layout and Consultation
  • Lined and Unlined Ponds
  • Water Features and Aquascapes
  • Kids’ Fishing Ponds
  • Landscaping and Vegetation Placement
  • Fish Habitat Creation and Enhancement

Our Expertise in Stream Work Includes:

  • Bank Stabilization
  • Soft Bank Treatments
  • Stream Relocation
  • Fish Channel and Spawning Habitat
  • Willow and Sod Mat Placement
  • Rock Grade Control Structures

Kids’ Fishing Ponds

Custom Ponds

Stream Improvements

River Bank Stabilization

Creek Stabilization

Private Backyard Ponds

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